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Ming Jing Light:The Industrial Map of the Chinese Console Founder

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The success of a performance is inseparable from a proper set of stage lighting design. People call the gods on the stage, the lighting division rotates and moves, and the gestures are simple and easy to move. The seemingly random operation grasps the lifeline of the stage vision.

But even God, there is no suitable lighting console, no careful consideration and arrangement for the adjustment of various light types, lamp positions, installation and adjustment of the dimming control system, and the beautiful stage will be dull. . The importance of the lighting console "to take the lead and move the whole body" is self-evident.

In Guangzhou, there is such a company that specializes in lighting control consoles - Guangzhou Mingjing Stage Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Mingjing Lighting), starting from the independent development of the first Chinese-language light control in 2013, opening the industry revolution Today, the King Kong series brand is well-known in China, and it has gone abroad to shine the light of the nation. The bright and quiet light that has been established for only 7 years is a dark horse.

Jing Jing, general manager of Mingjing Lighting, said in an interview with HC Audio Lighting Network that Mingjing Lighting attributed its sustainable development to: "The right choice was made at the right time", which is the standardized operation and technology of the enterprise. Innovation and the high demands of products and services push the comprehensive factors such as control to promote the quiet progress.

The world's first full Chinese lighting console creator

In 2013, with the introduction of the world's first full Chinese lighting console 1024, the history of the lighting console was rewritten.

The world's first full Chinese lighting console 1024

Prior to this, the Chinese lighting console market has been occupied by imported brands. Especially in the middle and high-end lighting control field, it is almost monopolized by brands such as “Pearl Control Station” and “Tiger Console”, and the local brands that survive in the crack are in a weak position.

Undoubtedly, the imported light control brand is based on advanced R&D technology, and quickly opens up the domestic market with the advantages of convenient operation and complete functions. However, most of the imported brands have only a single language mode, especially in the whole English system, which inevitably allows novice lighting engineers and Some less educated users feel pressured on the operation.

Based on such user pain points, Ming Jing lighting quickly responded and found the market entry point - a full Chinese lighting console for the Chinese. At this point, "King Kong 1024" came into being.

On the one hand, the product continued the operation mode of the mainstream console at the time, and the functions and procedures were familiar to many lighting engineers. On the other hand, Mingjing Lighting independently wrote the program code, changing the text system to full Chinese, intuitive and Convenient, Chinese users can get started quickly when they get the King Kong console.

From the development and design of the console to the software problem, the difficulty coefficient is high. For the quiet lighting that pursues the details and the product design concept of excellence, the cost of developing a new console is relatively high. Although the King Kong console 1024 just launched, the voice of doubt can not escape, some users are accustomed to the operation mode of foreign consoles, doubting whether the Chinese console is only suitable for the low-end market.

But time is the best way to test. Today, "King Kong Control Desk" has become one of the most used lighting consoles in the Chinese market in recent years. With its excellent quality, comparable to the function of the pearl console, the simple and clear Chinese interface To help countless lighting engineers complete a perfect performance.

1024 upgrade console: 1024SI

More importantly, it has transformed people's inherent notions: users are beginning to be proud of the Chinese having their own consoles.

According to Jingbo, the number of users who use the Chinese console in China has reached more than 90%, and Mingjing Lighting has quickly established a solid reputation in the industry.

Clean and clean factory environment

Take the power of the brand to take every step of the rights road

"Always imitated, never surpassed" may be a true portrayal of the quiet light. “King Kong 1024 started to market in 2013, and there were imitations in 2015. After the launch of the new products, the imitations began to flood in the market one or two years later. Ming Jing began to defend against rights in 2015, and now 4 In the time of the year, there are more than 20 manufacturers that we sued.” When it comes to the long-distance rights protection road of Mingjing lighting, the quiet waves have mixed feelings.

On the one hand, most domestic enterprises that do imitation goods are not formal, and it is difficult to obtain evidence for evidence; on the other hand, even if the infringement is determined, the amount of punishment will not be painful for the imitation enterprises, and it will not be able to achieve the shocking effect. A new way to drill the legal loophole. Moreover, domestic imitation goods companies are good at price wars, and it is necessary to seize the market opportunities. They are most afraid of the after-sales problems, but they are the brands of bright and quiet lights.

In the face of flooding imitations, the strategy of Mingjing Lighting focuses on two aspects:

The first is to screen out the real customers, focus on the high-end market in the flood-prone areas, and look for target users who have requirements for brand value and product quality;

The second is to improve the difficulty of imitation, and constantly introduce upgraded new products, and seize the market with new products. Among them, the copying King Kong console launched a customized language system console based on the successful experience of promotion in China, which not only opened up the foreign market, but also restricted the development of imitation goods, killing two birds with one stone. Jingbo revealed that at present, King Kong console has been launched in Portuguese and German, and has been well received by local customers in Germany and Brazil.





"To tell the truth, the imitation of imitations and enterprises has severely hampered the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of enterprises with independent research and development capabilities, and unconsciously widened the technological gap between China and foreign countries." In the view of Jingbo, the Chinese and foreign technology differences are large. The reason is that in addition to the late start time and insufficient technology precipitation of China's consoles, the environment of technology development is not very friendly. It is also an important factor. A large number of anti-counterfeiting and rights protection distracts the company's energy investment in technology.

"It is gratifying that, compared with the past, the state has paid more and more attention to the maintenance of intellectual property rights. In addition to the establishment of a special intellectual property court, the investigation and punishment is more vigorous, the judgment speed is faster, and the rights protection is not so difficult." The unveiling of the Intellectual Property Tribunal of the Supreme People's Court on January 1 and the publication of the “Regulations on Regulating the Registration of Trademark Applications (Consultation Draft)” by the State Intellectual Property Office on February 12, all of which made the quiet wave to Ming Jing The road to anti-counterfeiting rights in the future of lighting is full of confidence.

Intensive segmentation highlights brand value

Looking back at the past seven years of enterprise development, Tranquility Boss for a moment, a word to awaken the dream people: "Standardization promotes sustainable development of enterprises."

In the past 7 years, Mingjing Lighting has realized the ignorance period of lack of brand planning and technological innovation from the beginning, and now concentrates on making products and services, and strives for the maximization of brand value. It is the first company founded by Jingbo. The concept of people moving with the times and the spirit of dare to do. "Many attempts at the beginning of the factory have determined the height of the company's subsequent development. Registering trademarks, applying for patents, etc., these seemingly can not produce direct benefits, in the future, let the Mingjing lighting taste the sweetness of 'brand creation value'." Quiet wave said.

In addition to standardization development, technological innovation and quality products and services are also the killers of Mingjing Lighting for many years in the industry. Since its establishment, Mingjing Lighting has insisted on promoting technical training courses nationwide to improve the light control design concept and practical ability of the lighting engineer.

Technical training course for quiet lighting

    Today, Mingjing Lighting is brewing a new product: "BATON1606", which will be the first touch console launched by Mingjing Lighting, marking the transformation and upgrading of Mingjing lighting from the analog era to the digital age and the intelligent era. Replace the previous button selection with a one-touch touch, the interface is more intuitive and the operation is more convenient.

Ming Jing lighting the first touch console BATON1606

One of the BATON products: BATON 1000

One of the BATON products: BATON 1600

Tranquility believes that with the vigorous development of the performing arts industry, both the creative and the effect presentation, the market demand for stage lighting must be higher and higher, professional lighting control is a hard demand. For a long time, Mingjing Lighting is pursuing the pursuit of high-end performance market in the high-end performance market as close as possible to foreign advanced technology, and strives to be a leading product in the low-end market.

"According to my observation, cross-border investment and blind expansion are important reasons for the limited development or downfall of many enterprises. We still insist on deep cultivation in the field of lighting consoles, focusing on expanding the volume in this segment. The brand influence is expanding.” In order to achieve this goal, Mingjing Lighting insists on the precipitation of technology on the one hand, prefers to slow down the development speed and also to achieve the ultimate product; on the other hand, it would rather spend 3 times the price to adhere to the best Raw materials; in the after-sales service, once the product has problems and unconditional replacement, this will spur the company to strictly control the quality of the products.

Mingjing Lighting won the "High-tech Enterprise" certificate

Mingjing Lighting won the "Guangzhou Science and Technology Little Giant Enterprise" certificate

Mingjing Lighting won the honorary certificate of quality, service and integrity AAA


Mingjing Lighting has established a reputation in the industry for creating a "Chinese own console". The founder of this Chinese console is not limited to the domestic market, continuously exhibiting and registering foreign trademarks..... Mingjing Lighting constantly speeds up the pace of overseas market deployment. Mingjing people have built a dream of “going out of the country on behalf of Chinese controllers”, and dreaming, Mingjing people have been on the road.