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  • BATON-1606
  • BATON-1606
  • BATON-1606
  • BATON-1606
  • BATON-1606
  • BATON-1606



● 2048 DMX512 channels, 4 3-core physical outputs. Can be extended to 8 outputs, 4096 channels through the network.

● With 800 lamp keys, up to 800 lamps can be connected

● Up to 200 lamps can be stored

● The material is divided into nine categories, each of which can store 200 pieces of material. A total of 1800 materials can be stored

● Can store 600 scenes, including multi-step scenes with unlimited steps

● Can run 30 scenes simultaneously. The scene window can run 20 at the same time, and the putter can run 10 at the same time.

● Built-in 43 commonly used fixed graphics and 31 kinds of curve effects, which can modify the graphics and curve effects through parameters.

● With 6 fan modes, you can modify the fan shape through the skill dialog

● Can store 200 programs

● Special dialog box for quick color recall via color palette, color fader or color preset

● Chinese operation panel + Chinese computer operating system (Chinese and English can be switched freely)

● The touch screen uses high-precision 12.1 inch capacitive screen, the sensitivity is 80% higher than the traditional resistance screen, no delay

● Built-in UPS uninterruptible power supply, sudden power failure can also be used normally

● Built-in music player for easy editing and performance

● Light groups, materials, scenes, etc. can be customized for naming or graffiti, easy to find calls

● Use the XMAX format light library. The library editor is easy to operate and can be written directly on the console or copied to the console on the computer.

● The library can add segment sets to quickly select attribute features

● Support wired ART-Net function (light simulator), can be used as practice and simulation programming

● Support wireless ART-Net function, intelligent control, AI technology, remote control of mobile phone or IPAD control

● Can realize the online control field of two consoles

● Console virtual numeric keypad supports multi-language switching

● When the luminaire is connected, the address code and line can be directly changed and the position of the luminaire key can be changed.

● All the show files of the console can be backed up by external drivers. To prevent file loss, the settings of the server can be changed and saved automatically at intervals.

● You can set the console password to protect the console data.

● Customizable console usage time

● All the putters of the console are made of imported materials, and the track is smooth, stable and strong. Accurate data, no delay, no beating

● The rotary encoder is made of imported materials from Japan. The data is accurate and the hand feels delicate. The fast and slow rotation can be freely desired.

● All the buttons of the console are imported from Germany, which has strong feel and strong rebound.