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  • BATON-1668



1. the operating system is customized and developed based on Linux 

2.≥I3 9th generation processor 

3.≥7 DMX512 physical output ports, which can be extended to 32 DMX outputs 

4.≥15.6 inch capacitive touch screen 

5. Chinese and English operation interfaces can be switched freely, and multiple languages are built in. 

6. Key LED supports synchronous lighting with the program 

7.≥6000 lamp keys and ≥ 600 lamp groups 

8.≥3000 materials, which can be classified and stored 

9.≥2700 scenes and ≥400 programs 

10.≥15 replay pushers, which can run 35 scenes at the same time. The push rod can be expanded by 30 

11.≥160 built-in commonly used fixed graphics, 40 kinds of curve effects, ≥60 graphic special effects 

12.≥6 fan-shaped modes 

13. Quick color adjustment in special dialog box 

14. Vector bitmap function to simulate site layout and discharge 

15. Customize zoom and arrange function windows, and save the view 

16. Push rod custom background light setting. Bring its own LED strip lighting, and you can customize the color adjustment 

17.≥3 USB interfaces 

18.≥2 audio input/output ports 

19. paragraph operation method, which can run in sections according to attributes, time, graphics, etc. 

20.≥1 working lamp interface 

21.≥1 master control push rod and 1 AB push rod 

22. Built-in music player 

23. Support graffiti handwriting or custom naming 

24.≥1 MIDI time code input interface 

25. support udp, rs232 and dmx512 to communicate with central control 

26. Support external display screen 

27. support wired ART-Net and wireless ART-Net, which can be controlled by mobile phone or IPAD remotely 

28.≥4 attribute coding wheels 

29. data protection of console, automatic backup of files, custom setting of console password and usage time 

30. Virtual numeric keyboard supports multi-language switching 

31. Online field control of two control stations can be realized 

32. Pixel mapping 

33. rated voltage: AC100V~240V,50/60Hz